Homeowner Care and Maintenance Tips

Patching – Dents, chips and cracks can be filled using a good quality cement patching compound (acrylic mortar patch) which can be found at your local Home Centre or Hardware Store.

Mold/Mildew – Remove using a commercial mold/mildew remover. Consult your paint manufacturer’s recommendations before applying any mold or mildew remover.

Loose Siding – Re-nail using a properly-sized corrosion-resistant fastener. Note: See the installation guide for further details.

Caulk Replacement – When sealant is in need of replacing, carefully remove existing caulk and replace with a high quality, paintable latex caulk. Caulking should be applied in accordance with the caulking manufacturer’s written installation instructions.

Paint Maintenance – Remove any damaged, chipped or cracked paint. Prior to repainting make sure that the surface area is properly cleaned and prepared. Repaint immediately using 100% acrylic paint.

Product Replacement – Replacement of one or more pieces of TRUENORTH product should be done in accordance with installation guide.