Dual-tone finish

TRUENORTH siding features factory applied coatings created specifically for lasting performance and beauty. The dual tones enhance the wood grain for a more realistic finish, in colours that embody the Canadian outdoors. Through winter storms, spring rains and hot, humid nights your home will take on the forces of nature with enduring beauty – just like nature itself.

See the difference

Our Dual-Tone finish creates a realistic wood grain, and our factory coatings provide lasting performance and beauty. Order your samples today, and be inspired.

Unique Formulation HZ5® Substrate by James Hardie®

Not all fibre cement is the same. The James Hardie HZ5 product formulation contains the highest quality raw materials. Proprietary additives, combined with an innovative manufacturing process and product design, create a substrate specifically engineered to reduce water absorption and resist damage from wet or freezing conditions.


The advanced design of HZ5 lap siding improves drainage from top to bottom.

In addition to our product formulation’s enhanced moisture resistance, TRUENORTH lap siding features a modified profile with a sloped top and bullnose drip edge for improved drainage over the entire outer face of the board.

Sloped Top

Positive slope at top drains moisture to outer face of lap

Profiled Drip Edge

Bottom bullnose drip edge allows moisture to drain away from lap

Proprietary enhancements create the most durable James Hardie® siding ever made

Perfect balance of strength and workability

Our balance of high-quality Portland cement, sand and cellulose fibre delivers the best combination of strength and workability.

Enhanced moisture resistance for unmatched durability

Patented and proprietory additives are chemically bonded within the HZ5 substrate matrix to provide durable moisture resistance.

Increased dimensional stability

Our siding is engineered at the microscopic level to create a fibre cement composite with superior dimensional stability that helps protect against shrinking and splitting.

Colour Inspired by the Great Canadian North

Spectacular Canadian scenery and unpredictable weather extremes are ingrained in our cultural identity. We expect it, prepare for it and enjoy it.

TRUENORTH Fibre Cement Siding is engineered to be the innovation leader in exterior siding toughness, function and design.

TRUENORTH siding provides all the protective elements your home needs to handle whatever Mother Nature sends your way with a durable, more realistic wood grain finish that compliments our great Canadian landscape.